Friday, August 23, 2019

School Year, Book Launch, and What I do with My Days

Well, friends, the school year has officially begun and two of my three children have started.
School shoes look like cowboy boots this year and book bags consist of Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a shark.
Ah man, what it is like to be an 8, 6, and 4 year old in 2019.

In less than two weeks my youngest begins preschool.
I love this school, just as I love the Montessori one his older brothers attend.
It is just a little tricky -I have such mixed emotions- because, he is my baby and he is beginning school. How can this be???

I almost did not buy the above mentioned cowboy boots for my two youngest.
They won't wear them, I told myself.
They are too expensive, I told myself.
My sons are Sporty Spice and Little-Kid Spice, not Marlboro Man Spice, I told myself.

But I was wrong, so very wrong.
Every. Single. Day.
Every day they wear them- yesterday, they wore them with mesh shorts and tees.

And this would have driven me bonkers, if they were not 4 and 6 and Precious.
Back in 1999, when I was a junior in high school, it was popular when the boys would wear their mesh shorts with work boots. Big, chunky work boots, with the steel plates in the tip. Work boots, screaming Hard Work and mesh shorts screaming equally as loud, Play.
I hated the look because they did not go together.
It didn't look right.

But then my husband. He reminded me these are our children, and they are little, and creative, and for me to just let them live. And I confess, the boots are so much cuter on the boys than I thought they would be- even when worn with red, mesh shorts.

Today a friend sent me a text about a new book launch and you know I was like:
Hello! What's this, now??!!
I LOVE me some good reading.

The author is Dianne Wyper with her book, Shattered.
She's super cute and I feel like I have definitely seen her somewhere before, even if cyber-stalking her cannot confirm this. (You can try cyber-stalking Dianne, as well! Her website, whoseiam, aka, WIA, is a good place to begin- This is also where you, too, can join in her launch!)

Image result for Dianne Wyper   Image result for Dianne Wyper

This will be my second book to review with a third in the future...*I'm looking at you, John Christ.* 

(The first book launch I was a member of was Rachel Hollis', Girl, Stop Apologizing, for which I was endlessly excited to be a part of and ate every word -although did not agree with it all- like Chunky Cherry Cheesecake ice cream, circa 1998. You can read my post here.)

This has made me decide that I want to be a "Book Launch Reviewer".
Like, officially.

The thing is, I happen to have a pile 14 miles high of books I would like to read already and I have two in the works.
And did you know...I have actually begun writing a memoir a few years ago and have this notion that I should like to revisit it this year.

Which leads me to what I am doing with my days now.
With Thatcher still at home with me, I have been trying to get things done which have otherwise sat for a month...or 17. Together, he and I have built a bed out of a box for a brother, and installed two blinds in my bedroom window.

He has a resurrected love for the wooden trains and train tracks you see at every children's museum and library nation-wide, so he has been building and rebuilding them whilst repeatedly asking me, "isn't this weird?", which is his new go-to phrase.

Go-to, as in:
"Look at this train, isn't it weird?"
"The roof of that house is weird."
"My blister is weird."
It's all things. Always.

But "isn't it weird" is better than "it's stupid" which he began calling everything this summer and we still work on kicking to the curb during many-a-conversation.

Until he begins school in another week, I will eat him whole and spend as much time with him as I can, even if it looks like dishes for me and trains for him.

But then...when preschool begins and I have exactly zero children at home... oh, the plans I have!
Like writing my memoir,
and contributing more often to gomommyblogger.
Like preparing to run a 5K,
and joining a dance group.
Like finishing stray and neglected projects around the house like the completion of the hutch Big Strong Man and I began to paint 100 years ago and which has been downgraded to the basement in disgrace, and maybe cleaning my baseboards and fans.
Like being a "class mom" to each of my boys and attending EVERY SINGLE FIELD TRIP this school year throws my way. And maybe beginning my career of substitute teacher as well.

I suppose the obvious conclusion is that I will earn money, receive a book contract, have a clean house, score a killer bod, and be the best Teacher's Assistant- EVER, all in this one year because, 


Cowboy boots are Toy Story and from Target

Tell me, friends, what do your days look like?
Are any of you in a similar space of having nadda kiddos around and the world at your fingertips?
Share all your exciting strategies of glory and fame below- for giggles and hurrahs alike!